Story-telling: Drinking Milk

Story-telling series: Drinking Milk


As discussed earlier, storytelling is a great way to teach any language. Keeping that in mind, I have come up with the next continued story of Raja and Rani.

This story is connected to the previous story of Introduction Raja and Rani. You can't grasp today's story without reading its previous one.

In this storytelling series, each story involves some activities on learning English.

Teachers can use these stories in their classroom activities. They can also use these stories to conduct Vidyagama activities.  Vidyagama is a program introduced by the Government of Karnataka, Department of Public instructions for all the students studying in the government schools. This program is very effective for the students of remote locations and has no access to the internet for conducting teaching-learning activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can access them all Vidyagama English Worksheets here.

Before going to continue reading with today's story, you need to please read the earlier story: Introduction to Raja and Rani.


Story 1: Introduction to Raja and Rani {alertInfo}

Story 2: Drinking Milk


  • The students become familiar with the letters of the alphabet
  • They learn new words through action
  • They are able to follow simple directions

The story begins..

Raja and Rani are on their way to school. Raja got late for school because he did not want to drink milk. But Raja’s mother would not let him go to school without drinking milk. She scolded him. He started crying but he had to drink up all the milk.

Rani was waiting for him near the gate. When she saw him she said, “I was waiting for you for 10 minutes. We are going to be late for school.”  Then she saw that Raja was looking sad so she asked him why he was so sad.

Raja: I didn’t want to drink milk but Amma wouldn’t let me go without drinking it.

Rani: Oh Raja, you know that we have to drink milk. It makes us strong and healthy. I drink milk every day.

Raja: But I don’t like the taste of it.

Rani: Mix some sugar in it and drink it. That’s what I do.

Raja: Ok. I’ll tell Amma to put sugar in my milk.

They both reach school. They study and play with their friends. When they return from school they are very excited because they have learned something new- the letters of the English alphabet which they want to share with you.

Raja & Rani: Friends, do you know the Alphabet family with twenty-six letters? Let’s meet the first four letters of the Alphabet- A B C D (show the flashcards of these letters).


Activity 1:

The teacher shows the children flashcards of the letters A B C D.


Let’s say hello to the first letter A.

Let’s bend for B.

Let’s clap for letter C.

Let’s dance for D.


Activity 2:

Stand and say A A A

Jump and say B B B

Wave and say C C C

Sit and say D D D


Clap your hands and say A B C D

Stand and say A B C D

Jump and say A B C D

Sit and say A B C D


Meanings of the words highlighted in the story

Way - direction or path

Late - going after the usual time

Scold - speak angrily

Start - began

Waiting - to allow time to go by

Near - not far away

Gate - a part of a fence or outside wall that is fixed at one side and opens and closes like a door

Looking - to direct your eyes in order to see

Strong - not weak

Healthy -strong and well

Everyday - usual

Reach - arrive

Return - go back

Share - a part of something that has been divided between several people

Note: You can plan different English learning activities based on the above story, according to your students' learning level.

Please watch this space for the next story of Raja and Rani!

Meanwhile, please read the earlier story: Introduction to Raja and Rani

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