2nd PUC Online Study Material - English

2nd PUC Study Material - English

2nd PUC Study Material - English:

The Study Material for 2nd PUC students of the Karnataka Board would be of much use to get good scores in the annual 2nd PUC exams.

The material has been prepared by well-experienced lecturers from various districts of Karnataka.

It is the responsibility of the lecturers/teachers to create awareness among the students to make use of this exam-targetted FREE study material.

Video Lessons:

Online Study Material:

Chapter 1: Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 2: Too Dear!

Chapter 3: On Children

Chapter 4: Everything I Need To Know I Learned In The Forest

Chapter 5: A Sunny Morning

Chapter 6: When You Are Old

Chapter 7: The Gardener

Chapter 8: To The Foot From Its Child

Chapter 9: I Believe That Books Will Never Disappear

Chapter 10: Heaven, If You Are Not On Earth

Chapter 11: Japan and Brazil Through A Traveler's Eye

Chapter 12: The Voter

Chapter 13: Where There is a Wheel

Chapter 14: Water (poem)