2nd PUC English: Romeo and Juliet | Solved Questions

Romeo and Juliet | Solved Questions:

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He compares Juliet’s beauty to nature. Romeo says that even the bright light of a torch would look dull before the brightness of Juliet. It looks like she hangs on the cheek of night. Romeo says that the beauty of Juliet is like a jewel that is hung in the ear of an African woman. 
Romeo says Juliet is too beautiful to belong to Earth. Juliet’s beauty is so vast that she cannot die and be buried in the Earth. The earth cannot contain her beauty. He further says Juliet is like white snow that is flying with other common people who belong to the species of crows. Romeo just wishes t express that Juliet belongs to the divine world and living among the ordinary and common people. 
Romeo proposes to find the place where Juliet stood and wants to touch her blessed hand and make his own rude hand blessed. Romeo further asks a question whether he ever loved before. He feels this is true love. Romeo thinks he has never seen a beautiful woman like Juliet before this night.