Story-telling: introduction to Raja and Rani

Story-telling series: introduction to Raja and Rani


Learning any language without using it is highly impossible. To learn a language, you need to use it in your day-to-life. Any unknown language can be learned through various activities of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Here is an activity of storytelling for the students to be able to familiar with the words used in the story. Storytelling is a great way to teach a language. Stories create curiosity among the students in the classrooms.

Through this platform, we will post a story series of Raja and Rani. These stories are very much connected to the student's day-to-day life. When the content is connected to real-life, the comprehension will be much easier and thus language learning becomes fun and joyful.

Use this story of Raja and Rani in your classrooms to make your students familiar with the English language. These stories are very much suitable for the students of grades 4-8.

Please note that, in this story series, Raja and Rani are imaginary characters.


Story 1: Introduction to Raja and Rani


Story 2: Drinking Milk {alertInfo}



  • The students become familiar with the characters of Raja and Rani.
  • They learn new words through action.
  • They are able to follow simple directions.
  • They are able to say their names in response to the teacher’s query.

The story begins..

Rani is a little girl who lives in a village near Yadgir. She is a clever and happy girl. Her best friend is Raja.  Raja is always smiling because he is a happy boy.

They play together. They play games like cricket, hide and seek and have lots of fun. They live next to each other.

Both of them have just started going to school.  They walk to school in the morning and come back together in the evening. When they first started going to school, they would cry. But now, they love going to school and rush to school in the morning. They have many new friends in school.

They study and play in school. Raja and Rani learn something new in school every day that they want to share with you. They have learned some new words which they want to share with you.

You can learn these words through action. Will you do these actions?


Activity 1

The teacher gives the following instructions and the students respond.

Stand up.

Give a big smile.

Turn around.

Sit down.


Activity 2

The teacher asks the children to say their names. For example Ramesh, Gita.

Now tell me your names.


Meanings of the words highlighted in the story

Clever - understand things easily

Happy - showing pleasure

Friend - a person whom you like a lot

Smiling - having a smile

Together - with each other

Games - sports activities that children do at school

Fun - pleasure

Morning - the part of the day from the time when the sun rises until the middle of the day

Evening - the part of the day between the end of the afternoon and night

Rush - do something very quickly

Study - to learn

Learn - to find out/ to be taught

Action - the process of doing something

Note: you can come up with your own ideas of activities using the above story. You are free to modify the activities given above.

Watch this space for the next story of Raja and Rani!


Story 2: Drinking Milk {alertInfo}

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