Vidyagama English Worksheets

Vidyagama English Worksheets:

The year 2020 has posed many challenging issues around the world. The whole world is
witnessing the results of COVID-19, it has affected all the sectors of society and education is one among them. 

In the light of children’s educational needs, the Karnataka Government has come up with a unique program called, ‘Vidyagama’, which is aimed to engage students to be in touch with their school and learning. In this program, the teacher is required to go to the child's house or the location where he/she lives and keep the child engaged with learning. As to this, there has been considerable work being done by the Department of Education, Govt. of Karnataka. 

To cater to the children's needs in various subjects, workable materials are at most needed at this point. Hence, to meet this need, Azim Premji Foundation's (APF) Team has come up with some worksheets to help the
children learn the English language. As to this, the core objective is to make the children read and write in English through the various worksheets with the help of the teacher.

The nature of the English language is unique in its own sense. The language itself emerged out of various vernacular languages and other languages like French, Latin, etc. Though it contains only twenty-six letters, it has got forty-four sounds. To get proficiency in the English language, developing phonological awareness is most needed. Even the adults face problems in terms of accurate pronunciation and spelling of the words. Hence, developing phonological awareness from the beginning is most effective in teaching the English language. This helps children in associating the corresponding sounds with the letters and helps further in reading and writing. These worksheets are framed to teach the alphabets and sounds of the English language.

The worksheets compiled/developed by the APF Team give the children the basics of the English language. The central theme of these worksheets is to develop phonological awareness and the students must be able to recognise the letters of the alphabet.

Download the worksheets from the below links and help your students learn English.

Download the worksheets from the links below:










Credits: Azim Premji Foundation - Shahapur
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