Second Language English SA-1 Model Papers 2022-23 | Classes 8-10 | PDF

A summative assessment is one that is given at the end of an instructional unit in a course. These assessments are designed to assess student learning by comparing results to a standard or benchmark. They are frequently high-stakes, which means they have a high point value. Midterm exams, final exams, and final projects are examples of summative assessments.

Students are given summative assessments at the end of an instructional period. They are evaluative rather than diagnostic and are used to determine whether a course's learning objectives were met. Summative assessments, as opposed to formative assessments, are formal and involve clear instructions, expectations, and grading rubrics to assess student comprehension.

Here are the model summative assessment (SA-1) papers prepared to help the teachers of classes 8 to 10 for the academic year 2022–23.

These papers have been prepared in accordance with the Karnataka state government's second language English.

Class 8th and 9th assessment papers are prepared as per the Kalika Chetarike instructional model.

Teachers can download the model Summative Assessment-1 (SA-1) papers with key answers from the links in the table below.

Second Language English SA-1 Model Papers 2022-23 | Classes 8-10 | PDF

Summative Assessment-1 (SA-1) Model Papers 2022-23

SL.No. Question Paper Key Answer
1 8th English QP (KC) Key Answer
2 9th English QP (KC) Key Answer
3 10 English QP Key Answer
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