A Hero

Two Marks Questions

Answer: Swami thought the moving thing was a devil and he bit its ankle.
It was a burglar and he made a terrible cry in pain.
His father, cook and servant came there and caught the burglar.
So Swami was honoured and congratulated and became a hero.

Answer: One day a village boy was returning home from the jungle.
He came face to face with a tiger.
He fought with the tiger and climbed up a tree.

Answer: Swami was sleeping beside his mother or granny like a baby.
He was afraid of darkness and it was disgraceful.
So his father challenged him to sleep alone in his office room to prove courage.

Answer: His classmates looked at him with respect.
His teacher patted his back and the headmaster said he was a true scout.

Answer: Swami wanted to sleep under the bench.
He thought it was a much safer place, more compact and reassuring.

Answer: Swami was afraid of darkness.
He never slept alone and he always slept beside granny.

Answer: Swami bit into the ankles of the burglar and it led to his arrest.
The inspector thought Swami was brave and heroic.

Answer: Ticking of the clock and rustling of trees.
Snoring sounds and vague night insects humming.

Three Marks Questions

a. Swami
b. Courage was more important than strength and age.
c. Father

a. Swami.
b. In the office room.
c. To prove he had courage.

a. Swami.
b. To escape from his father.
c. He was afraid to sleep alone.

a. Swami.
b. Swami had bitten the burglar and helped to catch him.
c. A railway guard, a bus conductor or an engine driver.
d. The police inspector

a. Swami
b. The burglar.
c. Swami thought that it was the devil which had come to kill him.
d. It led to his arrest.

a. Swami’s mother
b. Swami’s father
c. Swami
d. He slept alone in the office room. Luckily, the burglar did not do any harm to him.

a. Swami
b. Rolling off the bed and going to granny’s side at night.
c. An object of ridiculous.

a. Sleeping alone in the office room that night.
b. His father.
c. He always slept beside his granny and any change in this arrangement would tremble and keep awake all night.
d. suggestion.

a. Swami.
b. In his father’s office room.
c. He remembered all the stories of devils and ghosts.

Four Marks Questions

Answer: One day Father read the newspaper report. It was about a village boy who fought with a tiger. His father challenged him to sleep alone in his office room that night. While he was sleeping there, he saw a moving figure. He thought it was a devil. He bit into its ankle. It was a burglar. His cry led to his arrest and Swami became a hero.

* In his sleep Swami saw a dream.
* A tiger was chasing him and he could not move.
* He tried to open his eyes but it was useless.
* He saw a moving figure in the darkness.
* He thought it was the devil and his end had come.
* He bit into its ankle it was a burglar.

* Swami told his father about his cricket club.
* He early went to bed.
* He said he would sleep from the first of the next month.
* He said the office room was dusty and there might be scorpions there.