English Language Worksheets for the Classes of 1st - 8th | Bridge Course

Here are the English language worksheets for the students of class 1st-8th. The worksheets have been prepared based on the competency given by the Education Department.

The worksheets flow on the criteria of learning language as vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and language skills.

English Language Worksheets for the Classes of 1st - 8th

The methodology adopted here is for the benefit of students with the creative efforts of the selected teachers. This will certainly help the students learn English by themselves with fun and without wasting their precious time away from school in this pandemic situation.

Teachers can give little guidance and get children workout these by themselves.

Download the Worksheets from the links below:

A] Class 1st to 3rd Worksheets prepared by Azim Premji Foundation

B] Class 1st to 3rd ENK Worksheets prepared by SSK

D] Class 4th to 8th Worksheets prepared by Bengaluru South-2

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