Download the Complete PDF Kit of English Nali-Kali Level-2 Materials

English Nali-Kali Level-2 is being implemented in all the government schools of Karnataka state in the academic year 2021-22.

The English Nali-Kali teachers may require to have soft copies of all the ENK-2 material during the classroom transactions/for their own references.

Download the Complete PDF Kit of English Nali-Kali Level - 2 Materials

To help the teachers of English Nali-Kali, the soft copies of the material have been uploaded here. Teachers can download and use them in their comfort.

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Click on the "blue" links to download the materials:

Listening and Speaking (L&S) Section:

MilestonesFlashcards Story Reader
1. My Body (1-7) ---- The Thin King & The Queen
2. Manasa's Family (8-14)Flashcards Toto & The Runaway Cap
3. My Neighbourhood (15-21)Flashcards Toto The Postman
4. Colours (22-28)Flashcards Colours Around Us
5. Numbers (29-35)Flashcards Toto On The Traffic Pole
6. Animals & Birds (36-42) Flashcards Daddu Goes to the Zoo
7. Transport (43-50)Flashcards Izzy on the Train


Reading and Writing (R&W) Section:

Milestones Cards Numbers
1. Alphabet Sequence 1-10/2
2. Word Families-1 11 - 29/2
3. Word Families-2 30 – 44/3
4. Long Vowels-1 45 – 65/4
5. Long Vowels-2 66 – 86/2
6. Blends-1 87 – 99/3
7. Blends-2 100-111
8. Digraphs 112-123

Other Downloads:

1. ENL Level-2 Workbook

2. R&W Sight Words
4. L&S Learning Ladder
5. R&W Learning Ladder
6. Year Plan

Credits: Samagra Shikshana Karnataka and UNICEF{alertInfo}
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