Grandma Climbs a Tree

Two Marks Questions

* The poet calls her grandmother ‘genius.’
* She could climb trees with no time.

* When she grew old the family asked her to stop climbing trees.
* She smiled and said that she would continue it.

* The doctor advised her to take bed rest for one week in the hospital.
* The kids felt relief because there was no much harm to her.

* When she asked for a house in a treetop, her son started the work that night.
* The poet with his expert assistance finished the task.

* She could climb trees.
* It might be high or wide, she could climb it with no time.

Three Marks Questions

a. Grandma b. She felt miserable inside the room. c. A treehouse

a. The poet’s father
a. Grandma
b. A house in a treetop

a. For the grandma.
b. Confinement to bed in the hospital.
c. She felt very miserable as she could no longer climb trees.

Four Marks Questions

* The poet says that his grandmother was a genius because she could climb trees in no time.
* Her brother taught it when she was six.
* All asked her to stop it as she grew old but she refused it.
* One day she climbed a tree but could not come down.
* She was admitted to hospital and the doctor advised her for one week rest.
* She felt it like hell.
* When she was better, she asked her son for a house in a tree.
* Soon she got it and she began to live there like a queen.