The Song of India

Two Marks Questions

* Our epics are Ramayana and Mahabharat.
* The story of these epics was carved on the temples’ wall.

* ‘Your children’ means freedom fighters.
* They fought for the country and died for it.

* They tried to show the right path of life.
* They worked for reforming society.

* The poet wants to sing about the glory, natural beauty of India.
* Mother India asks him to sing a song on its darker side.

Answer: The poet describes the beautiful Himalayas, wonderful seas, the golden colour sky at sunrise, rich culture, freedom struggle and ancient wisdom.

Answer: The poet praises dams, lakes, industries, shipbuilding yard and hard-working Indians to improve technology.

Answer: The poet wants to sing about rock-cut temples, our epics in stone, great freedom fighters and seers and prophets who led the people.

Answer: The poet praises snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, 3 seas washing the palm of India and beautiful sight at sunrise.

* The Book of Morrow.
* It signifies our destiny and bright future.

Three Marks Questions

a. Mother India
b. In the street
c. poverty and disease

a. Mother India
b. The song of seers and prophets
c. She is tired of hearing such type of songs
d. Simile

a. Mother India
b. On the light of the waves
c. Destiny of people and future of India

a. Mother India
b. Freedom fighters
c. Freedom fighters sacrificed their life for India

a. The poet
b. To Mother India
c. The beautiful sight at sunrise

Four Marks Questions

* The poet describes snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, 3 seas and a beautiful scene at sunrise of India.
* He describes rock-cut temples, great freedom fighters and saints and sages of India.
* He describes dams, lakes, shipbuilding yards, technological progress and the hard-working people of India.

* The poet describes beggars, sick people and the pollution of India.
* He also describes illiterate and ignorant people, homeless children and poverty.
* He also describes poor workers, exploitation and their conflicts.
* Mother India asks the poet to sing about the above things.

* Mother India rose and covered the blue sky.
* She sat on the beams of the waves.
* She wrote the Book of Morrow.
* She removed our sorrow.
* She wrote about our destiny and brought us a bright future.

If you write all the above 3 answers, it is summary