Colours of Silence

Two Marks Questions

* The bird was beautiful with a longish tail and black crest.
* It had restless energy and its eyes moving here and there.
* It inspired Satish to draw and paint.

* Satish met with an accident and injured badly.
* Though his legs were healed, he became deaf.
* He had often to face fever.

* Satish became moody and could not talk freely with others.
* He began to avoid going to play with other children.

* Satish’s father thought the artists would lead a poor life.
* It was not a career for the bright boy like Satish

* He is one of the few artists who achieved in several art forms like painting, sculpture and architecture.
* He is also a great writer.

* Schools refused to give admission to Satish.
* They suggested he take Satish to school for deaf and dumb children.

* In the new school children would make fun of his deafness.
* He could not understand what others spoke.

Three Marks Questions

a. Satish’s father
b. Satish
c. Just by reading

a. Satish’s father
b. Drawing and painting
c. He thought artists would get low payment and live in poverty.

a. Satish and his father.
b. The school, Satish was attending not ready to keep him in.
c. search.

a. Satish’s father
b. Satish
c. Another school informed him to take Satish to the school for deaf and dumb children.

Four Marks Questions

* Satish went to Kashmir during summer.
* He went hiking with his father and brother.
* They were crossing a rickety bridge.
* Standing on the edge he looked at the swirling water.
* Suddenly he lost his balance and fell into the rapids.
* He was badly hurt and became deaf.
* No school gave him admission.
* So he stayed at home.

* Satish became deaf after he got an accident.
* He could not go to school.
* After looking at the bird, he started drawing and painting at home.
* Satish became a great artist with the support of his father.
* He made a name in the field of painting, sculpture, architecture and writing.
* His works were showed in world-famous museums.
* He was awarded many honours.

Answer: When Satish became deaf after the accident, his father visited many hospitals for treatment. He visited many schools for seeking admission for Satish. He sent him the best school of arts. His brother Inder sat with him and taught him words and pronunciation. His mother supported his drawing.

* One day Satish saw a beautiful bird.
* It had a longish tail, black crest and restless energy.
* After it flew away, Satish draw the bird from memory.
* He was able to draw it beautifully.