Download English NaliKali All-in-One PDFs for Teachers

Download English Nali-Kali Level-1 All-in-One PDF for Teachers

Teaching English to the children in the government vernacular schools is challenging as the students come from the vernacular language background.

As of now, there is no standard and effective methodology adopted by the Government of Karnataka, Department of Public Instructions to teach the English language to the students of grades 1-3.

There is a standard and very effective method - Nali-Kali (Kannada) is being used in the classroom for the subjects of Kannada, EVS, and Mathematics already.

Upon observing the success of the Nali-Kali (Kannada) methodology, the Government of Karnataka, Department of Public Instructions decided to teach the English language the Nali-Kali way. Now, this method is widely being called English Nali-Kali.

English Nali-Kali is an ambitious program of the Government of Karnataka which will be implemented across all the government schools (around 53,000 schools) in Karnataka from the academic year 2020-21.

In this regard, the training to the teachers of Nali-Kali Level -1 is being conducted across all the educational blocks in Karnataka.

Click here for the detailed articles on Listening and Speaking (L&S) and Reading and Writing (R&W) sections of English Nali-Kali Level-1

To help the teachers with the new program, we have come up with an all-in-one resource guide which is very handy and useful to teachers and as well as the Resource Persons who train the teachers at the block levels.

Click the below link to download one page PDF sheets of English Nali-Kali. There you will get complete ENK resource in just one page which is very handy to use any time.


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