4 simple methods of improving your English vocabulary

Vocabulary Mindmap

There are many proven ways to improve your vocabulary, but how to go about learning new words in a more effective way?

Here are some effective ideas listed for you to improve/enrich your English vocabulary.

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Make reading your habit

Reading is a very effective way to get new vocabulary, it is certainly an undeniable truth. When you read, you use words in context. Using words in context helps you remember new words - no memorization required.

Contextual understanding of words will help you guess the overall meaning of the text you are reading. This is how you can learn the language in a natural way.

The best way for beginners is to get easier reading material for reading. Pick a text which interests you more so that you will have one more reason to continue reading, you won't lose interest when you pick up the text of your interest.

Remember, reading must be pleasurable!

Become a friend of dictionary

Dictionary is a very useful resource to know the meaning of any new word you come across while reading. A good dictionary helps you get the meaning of a new word, its synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, and spelling. But please don't depend on a dictionary for each and every word you come across while reading. Use your dictionary only when there is no choice to make out the meaning of any word while reading.

Consider bookmarking these online dictionaries, here are some suggestions:

Online dictionaries

  • OneLook: this dictionary shows you definitions from other online major dictionaries.
  • Ninjawords: it searches the words very fast, as it claimed on their webpage.
  • Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus: this is an amazing visual Thesaurus. It is an interactive dictionary which creates word-maps that blossom with meanings and branch related to words. It is highly recommended to use it in your classrooms if you are a teacher.
  • Answers.com, etc are many good resources available online. Make use of those resources to enrich your English vocabulary.

A word a day

Learn every day one new word at least. Soon you will notice the change in you as far as your English vocabulary is concerned. Use the above-mentioned dictionaries for this activity. Find out some good dictionaries that can deliver you every day a word online.

Use it or lose it

Whatever the word you learn every day from your activities mentioned above, you must use the words in your own sentences. If you don't use the word you learned, you will certainly forget the contextual meaning of the words you learned.

When you learn a new word:

  • write it immediately in your notebook
  • reuse it as many as possible situations
  • write your own sentences using the word
  • discuss with your friends and colleagues - have a conversation using it, if possible.


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