English Nali-Kali Level-3 Videos by DSERT

We are excited to share a valuable resource for teachers and students in classes 1-3: the English Naikali Level 3 videos created by the Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT). These videos are designed to help teachers effectively teach English concepts to young learners.

The DSERT Jnaanadeepa YouTube channel hosts these educational videos, providing a comprehensive and engaging way for students to grasp the essentials of English. To make it easier for you to access these resources, we have compiled a list of all the video links along with their topics on this blog post. This initiative aims to support educators in delivering quality education and to enhance the learning experience for students.

Explore the videos and take advantage of this fantastic educational tool to enrich your classroom teaching and help your students excel in English.

Happy teaching!

English Nali-Kali Level-3 Videos by DSERT

English Nali-Kali Level-3 Videos:👇

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