The Induced Phobia - 'Corona Phobia'

By Krithika A.M.

When the rest of the world is slowly easing out of lockdown and opening up businesses, we Indians are facing this deadly pandemic. While our doctors and other health workers are having sleepless nights and working round the clock by providing care and saving lives, there is very little focus on the 'Mental Health' of doctors, health workers, caregivers and the patients as well as other people in our country.

The Corona Phobia - Fear of Panic Attacks

We are looming with a lot of fear. This fear, an extreme one that has made our lives upside down. The name of the virus Corona itself, say many, that it sends Panic Attacks in them. This fear, 'Phobia' attached to our daily life 'Induced by CoronaVirus' or Covid -19 made its name that no one of this era will forget in a lifetime. This is deadly, 'The Corona Phobia'.

At this present moment, we all need is the Courage to overcome all fears and stay calm and patient.

How did we control the First Wave?

The 'First Wave' of the pandemic saw effective control over the spread of the virus. Mainly, because the stringent rules to Stay Indoors was followed and the cities were more affected. Which was much easier to control the spread of the virus.

The Second Wave of Stronger Variant

During this 'Second Wave' of the pandemic, it was all of a sudden and it has already spread to the village level, which makes it difficult to control in spite of stringent laws in place. Also, that this virus is much stronger in variant and is spreading more faster causing more deaths among adults. And, more so because of the delay in getting vaccinated.

The Phobia of the Third Wave

There is also another 'Wave(?)' of Phobia that is looming large in our country nowadays which is the unforeseen, predicted infection of this virus among children. Since the trials for vaccination for children is underway, The Phobia of  'The Third Wave' is looming at large.

Corona Phobia should be 'Kept at Bay'

There are many ways people are trying to keep this 'Phobia at Bay'. And of course, it should be 'Kept at Bay', it is scientifically proven that the oxygen levels drastically drop when we fear, panic or in a Phobic situation. It is better to Stay Calm and Stay Indoors and follow Follow Safety Measures.

If we see the statistical numbers many people who have been infected by the virus have been cured. The numbers are much higher, even if the death rates are there.

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Corona Phobia - a new addition to the list of Phobias

The 'Corona Phobia' has become an essential part of our lives. We indeed breathe through this Phobia and this, 'Corona Phobia' being a new addition to the list of other Phobias has taken the first stand when compared to other commonly found Phobias such as:

>> Acrophobia - Fear of heights

>> Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes

>> Phasmophobia - Fear of ghosts

>> Hydrophobia - Fear of water

Corona Phobia – 'Fear Towards the Corona Virus' doesn’t come straight by itself. It has made friends with other Phobias entangled with it and is inducing other Phobias such as:

Anthropophobia - Fear towards people

When we see any person approaching to talk to us or we approach someone to talk, We have this Phobia attached, that this person might be a carrier of 'CoronaVirus' and we might be infected. Either way, if we are affected by the virus, then we might infect the other person with the virus.

Agoraphobia - Fear towards approaching crowded places

This fear is induced while we are in a crowd, because of lockdown there is a huge rush at the places where we buy our daily supplies, the fear that someone in the crowd might carry the virus and infect us.

Enochlophobia - Fear towards situations raised by the crowd

This happens while we face the everyday crowd at workplaces. The fear that any person out of this crowd might infect us with the Virus.

Thanatophobia - Fear towards death

Recent studies showed people who contracted this Coronavirus Feared death more when compared to people who also feared death without contracting the virus.

Autophobia - Fear of being alone

Might be caused due to the loss of someone in the family for the virus. 

Phobophobia - Fear of most of the Phobias

Phobia of other many Phobias is called Phobophobia. Phobophobia is less straightforward than other phobias because you’re afraid of fear itself. This adds an additional level of complexity to anything you’re already naturally afraid of because you’re afraid of the fear you feel toward it.



There are by and large other Phobias which are also associated with 'Corona Phobia'. But, fearing is not the solution. We need to take life as a challenge and concentrate more on 'Positive Thinking'. Say to yourself that this is just another virus and we can beat it by getting vaccinated and following measures such as: Staying Indoors, Wearing Masks, and Washing Hands regularly.

Hold On Tight! 'Be Courageous' and tell yourself that 'This Too Shall Pass' and better days will follow soon!

About the author:

Smt. Krithika A M, MSW

The author runs a training centre that trains students and professionals in communicating at various levels. She trains students to crack competitive examinations and present themselves better. She trains students to get jobs by training them in interview skills. She fine-tunes the communication skills to present themselves better for good sales and marketing professionals. The training centre also teaches corporate ethics.{alertInfo}
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