Activity: How to make wishes in English

Activity: How to make wishes in English

Meenakshi and Rohit Make Three Wishes

The goal of the activity:

The students are able to read a passage aloud and answer questions based on the passage.


Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing.


Bring the “Meenakshi and Rohit Make Three Wishes” handout.


The situation for this Lesson Plan is Meenakshi and Rohit Make Three Wishes. The Lesson Plan is divided into 4 sections:

  • The first section Read Out Loud helps the students read a passage.
  • The second section Comprehension section based on the passage.
  • The third section Let’s Learn New Things is on vocabulary.
  • The fourth section Writing helps the students write sentences on their own.

Section 1: Read out Loud 

Time: 35 minutes

Objective: The students are given a passage to read.

Activity 1:

Distribute the following handout (Meenakshi and Rohit Make Three Wishes):


“Katrina Kaif is so beautiful,” says Rohit.

“Oh no!” replies Meenakshi. “I am tired of your Katrina Kaif.”

“If someone gives me three wishes,” begins Rohit, “I would use them to be her friend.”

“How?” asks Meenakshi.

“Wish number one,” says Rohit. “I wish I could be a famous actor.”

“And wish number two?” asks Meenakshi.

“I wish she would be my heroine,” says Rohit.

“Wish number three?” asks Meenakshi.

“She and I will become friends,” says Rohit.

“You are wasting your wishes,” argues Meenakshi. “You could use them for something useful.”

“How?” asks Rohit.

“I would wish for the world to be happy,” asks Meenakshi.

“Okay,” says Rohit. “What about wish number two and three?”

“I would take the other two for my own,” says Meenakshi. She laughs.“What would you wish for?” asks Rohit.

“Happiness and safety for my family,” says Meenakshi.

“And the last wish?” asks Rohit.

“The last wish is for me only,” says Meenakshi with a smile. “I would like to have a good life.”{alertInfo}

Read out the passage for the students, explaining the meaning of each sentence. Then, ask the entire class to read out the passage. After that, make each student read out the passage.

If required, you can explain the meaning of the following terms:

1. Safety – the state of being safe, not in danger (सुरक्षा)

2. Happiness – the state of being happy (खुशी)

3. Useful – being of use

4. Wasting/to waste – to fail to make good use (बेकार(

5. Heroine – main female role

6. Famous – known to many (बहुचिचर्त)

Section 2: Comprehension 

Time: 20 minutes

Objective: The students have to work on a comprehension exercise.

Activity 2:

Write down the following questions on the blackboard:

1. Who finds Katrina Kaif beautiful?

2. How many wishes does Rohit want?

3. What is Rohit’s wish number two?

(a) Katrina Kaif is his friend.

(b) Katrina Kaif is his heroine.

(c) He is a famous actor.

4. How does Meenakshi find Rohit’s wishes?

(a) She likes Rohit’s wishes.

(b) She finds Rohit’s wishes are useless.

(c) She has the same wishes.

5. What is Meenakshi’s last wish?

(a) Happiness and safety for her family.

(b) She would wish for the world to be happy.

(c) She would like to have a good life.

6. Whose wishes do you like more?

Divide the class into pairs, and ask them to answer the above questions. Give them fifteen minutes to find the answers. Then, one person from each pair/both students can read out their answers. After all of them have read out, tell them the correct answers:

1. Rohit finds Katrina Kaif beautiful.

2. Rohit wants three wishes.

3. (b) Katrina Kaif is his heroine.

4. (b) She finds Rohit’s wishes useless.

5. (c) She would like to have a good life.

Note: Question number 6 is for the students to give their own opinion on Rohit’s wishes.


Section 3: Let’s Learn New Things 

Time: 15 minutes

Objective: The students are given new words and terms to learn.

Activity 3:

For this class, you can help the students make sentences with the word which were introduced in the passage. You can also teach them derivatives. Given below are sentences that have been made using the words and their derivatives. Write them on the blackboard.

1. (a) Safety – The police work for the people’s safety.

(b) Safe –We are safe because of the police.

2. (a) Happiness – I want happiness for my family.

(b) Happy – We are a happy family.

3. (a) Useful – Learning English is useful.

(b) Useless – of no use

This pen has no ink. It is useless.

4. Wasting/to waste – Do not waste paper.

5. Heroine – Priyanka Chopra is the heroine of Krissh

6. Famous – Amitabh Bachchan is a famous film star.

Now, ask the students to make their own sentences using the following word:

  • Safe
  • Happy
  • Useful
  • Useless
  • Waste
  • Heroine
  • Famous
Give them ten minutes to write the sentences. When the time’s up, let them read out whatever they have written. It’s all right if they haven’t made sentences with all the words.

Section 4 Writing 

Time: 20 minutes

Objective: The students are given some sentences to write.

Activity 4:

Write down the following on the blackboard:

3. Learning English is useful.

It is useful to learn English.

4. Eating too much ice cream is bad.

It is bad to eat too much ice cream.

5. Studying hard is good.

It is good to study hard.

6. Being friendly is good.

It is good to be friendly.

Tell the students that each pair of sentences has the same meaning. Now, tell them to rewrite the following in the same way.

1. It is good to be early.

2. It is bad to be late for class.

3. It is good to say sorry.

4. It is bad to bunk class.

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