Useful Application Formats for Government Servants | Teachers - download PDFs

Many a time government servants/teachers struggle to get specified formats to apply for their service-related benefits. We have put a tiny effort to make available all the service-related formats in one place to fulfil the needs of the government servants/teachers.

Useful Application Formats for Government Servants | Teachers - download PDFs

You may download the required PDF formats from the downloadable links provided below.

TBF and SWF Formats:

1. Financial Assistance Towards Medical Expenses for Students

2. Student/Teacher Accidental Death Compensation Format

3. Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment – for teachers

4. Financial Assistance to the Children of Teachers Pursuing Education

7. Complete Information Booklet of Benefits Available by TBF - useful for teachers and students

KGID, GPF, GIS Related Formats:

1. New KGID Proposal Application Format

2. KGID Medical Proposal Format

3. KGID Loan Application Format

4. KGID Change of Nomination Format

5. GPF Loan Application Format

NPS Related Formats:

1. PRAN Registration Form - CSRF

Leave Related Formats:

1. CL/RH Format

Income Tax Related Formats:

1. Form 16 - English

2. Form 16 - Kannada

3. Income Tax Calculation Format

4. Salary Particular Sheet for Calculating Income Tax - 1

5. Salary Particular Sheet for Calculating Income Tax - 2

Other Service Related Formats:

1. Time-bound/Probationary Declaration Formats

2. CR Forms

3. Time-bound Format - 2

4. Festival Advance Application Format

5. Sterilisation Certificate

6. Medical Reimbursement Format - Kannada

7. Medical Reimbursement Format - English

8. ಚರಾಸ್ತಿ - ಸ್ಥಿರಾಸ್ತಿ ನಮೂನೆಗಳು

9. Checklist for Appointment on Compassionate Grounds

10. Passport Application Checklist

11. PH Certificate

12. SFN Format

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