Reading , Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing - movie activity

Reading , Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing - movie activity

Goal of the activity:

The students are able to read a passage aloud and answer questions based on the passage.


Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing


Bring the “Meenakshi and Rohit Go to the Cinema” handouts.


The situation for this Lesson Plan is Meenakshi and Rohit Go to the Cinema. The Lesson Plan is divided into 4 sections:

  • The first section Read Out Loud helps the students read a passage.
  • The second section Comprehension section based on the passage.
  • The third section Let’s Learn New Things is on vocabulary.
  • The fourth section Writing helps the students write sentences on their own.

Section 1: Read out Loud 

Time: 30 minutes
Objective: The students are given a passage to read.

Activity 1:

Distribute the following handout (Meenakshi and Rohit Go to the Cinema):


Rohit and Meenakshi want to see a movie. They decide to see the movie 3 Idiots. All their friends have told them to see that movie. It stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Madhavan.

Rohit and Meenakshi catch an auto-rickshaw. It takes them twenty minutes to reach the cinema hall. The tickets cost them two hundred rupees. They buy two soft drinks and two packets of popcorns. Fifteen minutes later, the movie starts.

Two-and-a-half hours later, the movie is over.

“Did you like the movie, Meenakshi?” asks Rohit.

“Yes. It was a nice movie,” says Meenakshi. “How about you?”

“I also liked it,” says Rohit. “Let’s watch another movie next Friday.” {alertInfo}


Note to the teacher:

Read out the passage for the students, explaining the meaning of each sentence. Then, ask the entire class to read out the passage. After that, make each student read out the passage.

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Section 2: Comprehension 

Time: 25 minutes
Objective: The students have to work on a comprehension exercise.

Activity 2:

Write down the following questions on the blackboard:
1. Which movie do Rohit and Meenakshi’s friends want them to see?
2. Which movie do Rohit and Meenakshi see?
3. How long does it take Rohit and Meenakshi to reach the cinema hall?
4. How much do the tickets cost?
5. Does Meenakshi like the movie?
6. Does Rohit like the movie?
7. How long is the movie?

Divide the class into pairs, and ask them to answer the above questions. Give them fifteen minutes to find the answers. Then, one person from each pair/both students can read out their answers.

After all of them have read out, tell them the correct answers:
1. Rohit and Meenakshi’s friends want them to see 3 Idiots.
2. Rohit and Meenakshi see 3 Idiots.
3. It takes Rohit and Meenakshi twenty minutes to reach the cinema hall.
4. The tickets cost two hundred rupees.
5. Yes, Meenakshi likes the movie.
6. Yes, Rohit likes the movie.
7. The movie is two-and-a-half hours long.

Section 3 Let’s Learn New Things 

Time: 20 minutes
Objective: The students are given new words and terms to learn.

Activity 3:

Write down the following on the blackboard.
1. Intermission – break (interval)
2. Cinema – movie/film
3. Multiplex – A building which has two or more movie halls
4. Hit – a movie that many people like
5. Flop – a movie that fails
6. Audience – the people watching a film in the theatre

Take the students through the word/term and its meaning. Give them some examples.
1. During the intermission, people buy popcorn.
2. We are going to the cinema tomorrow.
3. There is a new multiplex in our town.
4. Ghajini is a hit film.
5. Govinda’s last film is a flop.
6. The audience is sitting down to watch the movie.

Now, ask the students to make their own sentences using the above words. Give them ten minutes to write the sentences. When the time’s up, let them read out whatever they have written. It’s all right if they haven’t made sentences with all the words.

Section 4 Writing 

Time: 15 minutes
Objective: The students are given some sentences to write.

Activity 4:

Ask the students to read out in the following sentences:
1. I want to go to the multiplex.
2. I want to see De Dhana Dhan.
3. De Dhana Dhan is playing at the local cinema hall.
4. The ticket costs fifty rupees.
5. The movie is two hours long.
6. It’s a comedy.

Then, tell them to fill in the following and write about their own experience.
1. I __________________ movie hall.
2. I __________ see ____________.
3. _______________ is playing at _______________.
4. The ticket costs ____________.
5. The movie ______________ long.
6. It’s a ___________ (action movie, romantic movie, comedy).
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