Activities: Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing - favourites

Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing - favourites

Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing - favourites

Goal of the activity:

The students are able to read a passage aloud and answer questions based on the passage.


Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Writing


Bring the “Meenakshi and Rohit’s Favorites” handouts.


The situation for this Lesson Plan is Meenakshi and Rohit’s Favorites.

The Lesson Plan is divided into 4 sections:
  • The first section Read Out Loud helps the students read a passage.
  • The second section Comprehension section based on the passage.
  • The third section Let’s Learn New Things is on vocabulary.
  • The fourth section Writing helps the students write some sentences on their own.

Section 1: Read Out Loud 

Time: 25 minutes
Objective: The students are given a passage to read.

Activity 1:

Distribute the following handout (Meenakshi and Rohit’s Favorites):


Meenakshi loves to watch romantic movies. Her favorite movie is the famous Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Rohit likes action movies. His favorite movies are Dhoom and Don.

Both Rohit and Meenakshi like comedy. Both of them say that Hungama and Dostana are their favorite movies too.

As for movie stars, Meenakshi’s favorites are Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra. Rohit says that Akshay Kumar is a bigger action hero than Aamir. He also thinks Katrina Kaif is more beautiful than Priyanka. So, we can see who his favorite actors are.

Meenakshi’s believes that Akshay may be a bigger action hero, but Aamir is a better actor. And Katrina may be beautiful, but she can’t act as well as Priyanka. {alertInfo}

Note to the teacher:

Read out the passage for the students, explaining the meaning of each sentence. Then, ask the entire class to read out the passage.

Then, divide the class into groups of three. Make each group read the passage. Try and ascertain which student in each group makes errors in pronunciation or is hesitant. Pick out those students and form a separate group. Let this last group read out the passage again, and correct whatever error is recognizable in their reading.

Lastly, make each student read out two consecutive passages alternately.

Section 2: Comprehension 

Time: 25 minutes
Objective: The students have to work on a comprehension exercise.

Activity 2:

Write down the following questions on the blackboard:
1. Whose favorite movie is Don?
2. Who likes Hungama?
3. Who thinks Aamir is a better actor than Akshay?
4. Who likes action movies?
5. According to Meenakshi, who can’t act as well as Priyanka?

Divide the class into pairs, and ask them to answer the above questions. Give them fifteen minutes to find the answers. Then, one person from each pair/both students can read out their answers. After all of them have read out, tell them the correct answers:

1. Don is Rohit’s favorite movie.
2. Both Rohit and Meenakshi like Hungama.
3. Meenakshi thinks that Aamir is a better actor than Akshay.
4. Rohit likes action movies.
5. According to Meenakshi, Katrina can’t act as well as Priyanka.

Section 3: Let’s Learn New Things 

Time: 20 minutes
Objective: The students are given new words and terms to learn.

Activity 3:

Write down the following on the blackboard:
1. Famous – known to many people.
2. Romantic movies – movies about lovers.
3. Comedy – a funny movie with a happy ending
4. Beautiful – nice to look at
5. Number one – favorite; something you like the most
6. Movie star – someone who acts in movies

Take the students through the word/term and its meaning. Give them some examples.
1. Shah Rukh Khan is a famous man.
2. Maine Pyaar Kiya and Kuch Kuch Hota Hain are romantic movies.
3. Salman’s movie, Partner, is a comedy.
4. Hema Malini is beautiful.
5. Sholay is my number one movie.
6. Amitabh Bachhan is a movie star.

Section 4: Writing 

Time: 20 minutes
Objective: The students are given some sentences to write.

Activity 4:

Ask the students to fill in the following sentences:
1. My favorite movie is ____________.
2. My favorite actors are ____________ and ________________.
3. _____________ is my favorite song.

Then, tell them to write three more sentences about some of their favorite things. It can be their favorite TV show, place, etc.
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