Free Hug - an instant healer!

Free Hug - an instant healer!

Free Hugs made global headlines not many years ago, but it did quite recently. The Free Hugs Theory which gained popularity across the globe including India is still in our memories.  The “Free Hugs” written on Placards or Banners were all over the globe quite recently.

Did Covid end the “Free Hug Theory”? I think it did.

The Free Hug theory crossed all barriers such as race, sex, color, etc.

We all need a Good Hug

As human beings, we all need a “Good Hug”.  A good warm hug brings a lot of changes in the emotions within us and makes us feel loved and comfortable. We are good enough to Hug children and provide them with emotional security, but, what about we adults?

When we think of a “Hug” we only think of it coming from a person nearer and dearer to us, like from our parents, spouse, relatives, friends, etc. What about a Stranger’s Hug?

Yes, a Stranger's Hug too has a Great Impact!

“Stranger’s Free Hug” too has a great impact on our emotional well-being for both men and women which is psychologically proven. It is known as an “Instant Healer”. A Stranger’s Hug with an intention to Heal and not otherwise! A Hug can heal a person’s sadness, isolation, loneliness, anger, and stress, thereby causing positive emotions such as Happiness.


We need at least one Good Hug EVERY DAY

I was astonished to see researchers even used a rating scale and divided the warmth of the Hug at different levels and even rated its impact on individuals. As per a study, even an adult requires at least one “Good Hug” every day. This one good hug releases Oxytocin in us that leads us to comfort and happiness. This in turn influences a long happy and healthy life span in an individual.

Free Hug - an instant healer!

COVID-19…. Has by and far stopped the Campaign for “Free Hugs” which is Unfortunate. It is during this pandemic that most of the people globally required emotional comfort, such as “A Good Hug”. But, this pandemic has created the scare of spreading the virus through hugs, both from the giver of the hug and the receiver of the hug. During this pandemic people who are lonely, and away from their loved ones felt more isolated.

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How the Campaign of Free Hugs started?

Free Hug - an instant healer!

We wonder how did this Campaign of “Free Hugs” start. This Campaign was started by Juan Mann in Australia in 2004, to greet a stranger with a hug and brighten up his/her day. During the last few years, it saw campaign banners across the world including India. The campaign which started as a feeling to give and receive individual comfort later gained prominence by including the excluded group of people into the mainstream society like a revolution.


For a good reason, a Good Hug for love, care, and affection is the best Healer, even if it is for a given time span.

A Good Hug every day can transform you emotionally, into a happy and self-worthy person. It is possible to get rid of negativity and bring more positivity. It can even lengthen your life span.

Smt. Krithika A M, MSW

The author runs a training center that trains students and professionals in communicating at various levels. She trains students to crack competitive examinations and present themselves better. She trains students to get jobs by training them in interview skills. She fine-tunes the communication skills to present themselves better for good sales and marketing professionals. The training center also teaches corporate ethics.{alertInfo}
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