English Nali-Kali Reduced Ladder 2022-23 | Download PDF

English NaliKali is an ambitious programme of the Government of Karnataka, Department of Education. The teachers who teach English NaliKali for grades 1-3 are well trained in the process. But many times they may need support during the classroom process while handling the English NaliKali steps.

The Kalika Chetarike programme is being implemented in all the schools of Karnataka state. The larger aim of the programme is to fill the learning gap during the COVID-19 period.

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In order to address this need of the hour, Karnataka State has decided to look at the academic year 2022–23 as the "Kalika Chetarike Year", which would focus more on the learning recovery for all schoolchildren rather than the completion of the current grade level syllabus.

To suit the English Nali-Kali to Kalika Chetarike, some minor changes have been made to implement the English Nali Kali in the classroom for grades 1-3. According to the need, the new learning ladder of English Nali Kali has been introduced for the year 2022–23.

Teachers can download the PDFs of the new learning ladder from the tables below.

English Nali-Kali Reduced Ladder 2022-23 | Download PDF

English Nali-Kali Reduced Ladder 2022-23 | Download PDF

SL No. English NaliKali L & S Ladder
1 LS Week 1
2 LS Week 2
3 LS Week 3
4 LS Week 4
5 LS Week 5
6 LS Year Plan 2022-23
7 LS Ladder and Evaluation
8 LS Recording
9 LS Pragati Nota
10 LS Segment Distribution

SL No. English NaliKali R & W Ladder
1 RW L1, L2, L3
2 RW Ladder
3 RW Year Plan 2022-23
4 RW Ladder and Pragati Nota

SL No. Other English NaliKali Documents
1 ENK Diary
2 Evaluation Formula
3 Documents to Maintain
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