Write the correct word form

Answer: interesting

Answer: interested

Answer: known

Answer: knowledgeable

Answer: invention

Answer: scientific

Answer: ability

Answer: successful

Answer: correction

Answer: interestingly

Answer: careful

Answer: healthy

Answer: successfully

Answer: technical

Answer: obedient

Answer: dependable

Answer: permission

Answer: impressive

Answer: appointment

Answer: growth

Answer: noticeable

Answer: admission

Answer: attentively

Answer: wonderful

Answer: briefly

Collocative words:

Twinkling – star
curly – hair
wavy – hair
brisk – walk
voracious – reader
wrinkled – face
handsome – boy
table – salt
dining – table
long – run
post – box\man\office
leave – letter
shake – hands
dinner – party
wall – clock
wrist – watch
money – order
hand – kerchief
key – pad
blood - bank
head – master/hunt/ache/line
police – constable
book – post/stall
time – table
speed – post
road – map
freedom – fighter
long – run
brisk – walk
lay – emphasis
lie – idle
commit – crime/suicide/mistake
oval – faced
take – revenge
give – advice
make – gesture/money
draw – laughter/attention/parallel
raise – doubts\ money
combat – crime/violence
iron - curtain
rustling - leaves
land – lord
humming – bees
pattering – rain
standing – ovation
sea – shore
walking – stick
fast – food
swift - action
iron – curtain
land – lord
charming – girl
march – past
strange - look

Opposite words:

rough x smooth
soft x hard
flexible x rigid
long x short
ascend x descend
fresh x stale
right x wrong
true x false
friend x enemy
thick x thin
top x bottom
broad x narrow
proud x humble
fat x lean
beautiful x ugly
patriot x traitor
cruel x kind
clean x dirty
early x late
loose x tight
fertile x barren
dry x wet
easy x difficult
laugh x weep
believe x suspect
famous x notorious
joy x sorrow
glad x sad
bless x curse
cheap x costly
foreign x native
thick x thin
faith x doubt
smile x frown
above x below
near x far

Opposite words using prefixes:

regular x irregular
respect x disrespect
lucky x unlucky
mortal x immortal
grateful x ungrateful
worthy x unworthy
legal x illegal
popular x unpopular
just x unjust
justice x injustice
obedient x disobedient
loyal x disloyal
pious x impious
credit x discredit
true x untrue
kind x unkind
sincere x insincere
convenient x inconvenient
belief x disbelief
roll x unroll
encourage x discourage
patient x impatient
expected x unexpected
correct x incorrect
active x inactive
fortunate x unfortunate
moral x immoral
fertile x unfertile
pure x impure
proper x improper


One syllable:

school, weep, wide, gain, meet, poor, slow, whole, kneel, scowl

Two syllables:

canteen, teacher, again, ago, section, anger, people, paper, repeat, rejoice

Three syllables:

beautiful, determine, dedicate, adventure, direction, reflection, popular

Jumbled letters:

virer – river
noumniat – mountain
tistar – artist
putsid – stupid
neplat – planet
ginser – singer
lgeam – gleam
mohe – home
eded – deed
thorber – brother
torac – actor
obudt – doubt
ronimgn – morning
pctsree – sceptre
dader - dread

Give one word

Answer: commuter

Answer: sculpture

Answer: orchard

Answer: burglar

Answer: Janitor

Answer: Wizard

Answer: Block

Answer: calligraphy

Answer: Maestro

Answer: astronaut

Answer: cabin

Answer: insatiable

Answer: blossoms

Answer: voracious

Answer: Martyr

Answer: nightmare

Answer: Scout

Answer: Sceptre

Answer: solitude


Fill in the blank with the suitable word given in brackets.

1. When a snake came out from a ________, the ________children ran away. (hole, whole)

2. He became ______ when he carried two_________ of water from the well. (pale, pail)

3.The _______ of the rope was so strong that it could _______ be removed . (knot, not)

4. He wrote a ________ sitting in the first ________ of the building. (story, storey)

5. I don’t know why an elephant has a short _________ My friend said that there was a _______behind it. (tail, tale)

6. When I ________ bike to school, I saw a purse on the ________ (rode, road)

7. The _______ is fine today. But I’m not certain ________ my friends will come to play or not. (weather, whether)

8. The student who was sitting on the ______ bench_______ his watch yesterday.(last, lost)

9. The sage had a ________.It was very _________ to him. (deer, dear)

10. Mr. Nagaraj is our ___________(principle\principal)He always comes to school ______ (buy\ by) bus.

11. Tendulkar has made a great _______(feet\feat) in cricket. He _______(one \ won) the heart of Indians.

12. Yesterday our maths teacher gave a _______to solve._________ students could not solve it. (sum, some)

13. He asked me to _________(weight \ wait) for two days. I thought it was __________ (waist \ waste) of time.

Ans: wait, waste.

14. The .............(not, knot) of the rope was so strong that we could ............ remove it. (knot, not) (March 2018)

Ans: knot, not