Vowel and Consonant Digraphs

Vowel Digraphs, Consonant Digraphs, and Dolch Words

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to learners, especially young learners is a quite difficult task. As far as the Indian context is concerned, most of the learners do not pronounce the English words properly. Their pronunciation is influenced by their Mother Tongue (MTI - Mother Tonge Influence)/Home Language.

Many ESL teachers struggle to teach reading to their students. The students fail to read the text with proper pronunciation due to their Mother Tonge Influence or lack of reading practice.

To help the students reading - especially the young learners, we have come up with a list of Vowel Digraphs, Consonants Digraphs, and the Dolch Words. The teacher needs to help the students in reading these words with proper pronunciation.

Once students can read these words properly, the teacher can come up with another such list of words to practice more reading. This kind of practice will certainly help the students improve their reading skills.

What are Digraphs?

Digraphs are two letters that make just one sound. In fact, “di” literally means “two” and “graphs” means letters so when you put the two parts together you get a big hint at what the word means: TWO LETTERS that make one sound.

CH in the word “chair” and PH in the word “phone” are both examples of digraphs.{alertInfo}

List of Vowel Digraphs:

Consonant Digraphs - List 1:

Consonant Digraphs - List 2:

Consonant Digraphs - List 3:

The above lists of words on Vowel and Consonant digraphs are samples. Teachers can come up with more such words to help their students improve reading.

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