Adverb Rummy - teach Adverbs with fun

Adverb Rummy - teach Adverbs with fun


Level: Intermediate – Upper-intermediate

Class Size: Groups of three

Language Focus: Contrast present perfect simple / continuous and simple past

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Game Time: 20 minutes

Before Class: Make one copy of the Rummy Cards for each group of three learners

In the class:

1. This is a card game played with a real pack of cards where players have a hand and take it in turns to pick up and throw away cards.

2. Each group plays with one set of cards. Explain that there are ‘sentence’ cards (white) and ‘time adverb’ cards (shaded). Ask one player to shuffle the cards and deal seven cards to him/herself and seven to the other two players. Put the remaining cards face-down in a pile, except for the top one which is turned up next to the pile.

3. The aim of the game is to get ‘rummy’

  • Two ‘sentence’ cards that go with one ‘time adverb’ card.
  • Three ‘sentence’ cards that go with another ‘time adverb’ card.

Adverb Rummy - teach Adverbs with fun

4. Players take it in turns to pick up a card: either one from the top of the pack or the one showing, i.e. the card the last player threw away. After deciding whether to keep the card, the player then throws one away.

5. When the player thinks he/she has ‘rummy’, he/she should put down his / her cards. If the other players agree, the group can reshuffle the cards and begin a new game. If they do not agree – you can act as a judge – the player picks his / her cards up again and the game continues. The player that wins the most games is the winner.

The game can be used to practice the contrast between the present perfect simple and simple past only, or the cards above the thick dotted line can be added for further contrast with the present perfect continuous.

Rummy Cards:

Present Perfect Continuous:

Adverb Rummy - teach Adverbs with fun

Simple Past:

Adverb Rummy - teach Adverbs with fun

Present Perfect Simple:

Adverb Rummy - teach Adverbs with fun

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Credits: RIE, South India, Bengaluru.
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