3 best YouTube alternatives for teachers

We all know that YouTube is very popular for sharing video content. So many excellent educational contents can be found on YouTube for teachers and learners. However, there are many very good alternatives for YouTube for teachers and students to access very useful video content that cannot be found on YouTube!

Here is the list of YouTube alternatives for teachers and learners:


1. TeacherTube - hopefully, you might have heard of this name. It was launched in 2007 after so much beta testing. There are many teachers who have not heard of it, therefore, I would like to run this into the teachers' community.

On the TeacherTube, many teachers share video content on various subjects like Maths, Science, History, Social Studies, Languages, etc. This means the videos on TeacherTube are for teachers and by teachers. Many teachers share lesson plans in action, some of the videos are simply inspirational. And a few videos do not have students or teachers in them, but they do have educational content.


2. SchoolTube was launched in 2007, two years after the launch of YouTube. SchoolTube is dedicated to sharing the video content created by teachers and students. It also allows for creating channels for sharing students' work. SchoolTube also provides excellent resources, lesson plans that can be used in classrooms.

Next Vista

3. Next Vista for Learning is a non-profit, ads-free website run by a Google Certified Teacher. The website looks very simple, but it has more than 2700 videos shared by teachers. These videos are exceptionally useful for teachers and students of various streams. Once you visit the website, you will three categories namely, Light Bulbs, Global Views, and Seeing Service. 

The Light Bulb category is for videos that teach you how to do something and provide an explanation of a topic. 

The Global Views category provides a cultural understanding of the world.

The Seeing Service section is for highlights the people who make a difference in the lives of others.

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