Activity: How to make students reflect themselves their own characteristics


Before a teacher begins a new class with newly admitted students, it is, obviously, very important to know the students' mindset very well.

Being a teacher, understanding the students' characteristics is very much important. Teaching will not be successful if a teacher does not understand his/her students well enough. If the teacher fails in understanding his/her students, he/she cannot get expected learning outcomes.

I have come up with an activity to understand the students' characteristics. By doing this activity, not only the teacher can understand the characteristics of the students but also the students will get to know each other. The teacher can check the students' presentation skills and creativity as well.

Now, let's see how to conduct this activity:

Resources Needed: Chart papers, sketch pens


1. Divide the students into groups of 6 and give one Chart sheet and 1 set of Color and Sketch pens. 

2. Instruct the students to draw any picture which would resemble their characteristics in the chart paper. The picture can be anything (Object – Computer/Cell Phone or Animal – Dog, Horse or Personalities)

3. Give 10 min to draw the individual picture in their group's chart. Now every team will have a chart with 6 different pictures in it.

4. Instruct the students to prepare a Skit or Story or Drama any activity which should link all the pictures in the chart. Give 15 min for discussion and preparation.

Each team will come and present their skit for 10 min. The best team wins.

Make sure every team member participates in the discussion and as well as presentation.

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