English Nali-Kali Level -1 Videos

English Nali-Kali Level -1 Videos - All Segments of LS and RW Sections

Get the latest English Nali-Kali Level-1 Videos of LS and RW sections. These videos help the teachers in the ENK Classrooms.

English Nali-Kali Level -1 Videos:

Listening and Speaking (L&S) Section - all segments:

1. Total Physical Response (TPR)

2. Concept Presentation

3. Rhymes

4. Conversation Circles

5. Language Games

6. Story-Telling

Reading and Writing (R&W) Section:

1. Introduction to Letters

2. Word Formation

Other ENK Videos (Related to both LS and RW sections):

1. LS and RW Ladder & Evaluation, Meena Puppet, Pragathi Nota

2. Timetabling, Thatte process, Year Plan, FA & SA Calculation

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