ENK Videos on Sight-words and Sentence Formation

ENK Videos on Sight-words and Sentence Formation

In the English NaliKali R&W Section, initially, students learn the strokes, they get to know the letters of the alphabet, and then they learn how to form words using the letters they have learned. All these activities are done using the phonic method of teaching.

After the completion of the above-mentioned activities, the teacher of ENK starts introducing Sight-words and then how to form sentences using the sight-words and the words the students learned in the previous activities.

The 3 videos below take you through how to carry out the activities of Sight-words and Sentence Formation in the English NaliKali.


Activities using Story and Flashcards:

Activities using Workbook:

Reading Sentences (activity 13 & 14):

Read the complete article: Sight Words and Sentence Formation. {alertInfo}

Credits: Samagra Shikshana Karnataka and UNICEF

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