English NaliKali Videos on Introduction to Letters, activities 1-6

Introduction to Letters, activities 1-6

English NaliKali module has 2 sections: Listening and Speaking (L&S), Reading and Writing (R&W). Introduction to Letters is taught under the section R&W.

There are 6 activities to be conducted to introduce a letter in the English NaliKali R&W Section. The teacher in the ENK classroom has to be very careful while following the steps.

The videos below will help the teachers on how to go ahead with the activities step-by-step.


Introduction to Letters - an explanation:

Introduction to Letters, activities 1-4:

Introduction to Letters, activity 5:

Introduction to Letters, activity 6:

Read the complete article: Introduction to Letters. {alertInfo}

Credits: Samagra Shikshana Karnataka and UNICEF 


  1. It's really wonderful activity..... Children learn better n concept is cleared .... Gud foundation....

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