English NaliKali Videos on Total Physical Response (TPR)

English NaliKali (ENK) is a new methodology of teaching English to students of grades 1-3 who are pursuing their learning in vernacular languages in government schools in the state of Karnataka.

English NaliKali teaching methodology has two sections - Listening and Speaking (L&S) section and Reading and Writing (R&W) section.

The Listening and Speaking section has 50 steps, 7 Milestones, and 6 Segments. The Reading and Writing section has 6 Milestones and 202 steps (the total steps for Teaching English - the NaliKali Way has 252 steps).

As English NaliKali is a new way of Teaching English, teachers need to be very cautious with the steps mentioned in the Teacher Cards while implementing this methodology in their classrooms.

To help and handhold the teachers in the classrooms, the Education Department of Karnataka has prepared demo videos on how to carry out each activity of English NaliKali.

In this post, you will watch the videos on Total Physical Response (TPR) activity:


Video on TPR steps - 1, 2, 3:

Video on TPR steps - 4, 5, 6:

Video on all the 6 TPR steps:

Read the complete article: Total Physical Response (TPR){alertInfo}

Credits: Samagra Shikshana Karnataka and UNICEF

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