How Concept Presentation activities are carried out in the English Nali-Kali classroom

How Concept Presentation activities are carried out in the English Nali-Kali classroom


In the last article of English Nali-Kali, we discussed how to conduct TPR activities in the classroom. You also came to know that TPR is a language teaching method that develops listening and understanding skills. As far as ENK is concerned, TPR is a 6 steps' process which helps the children learn new words by carrying out various commands.

Presentation of Concepts

In this article, you will learn how concepts that revolve around a theme and focus on developing grammar and vocabulary of your students are taught in a multilevel classroom. Concept Presentation is the second activity used in the Listening and Speaking curriculum.

The objective of presentations is to improve children’s vocabulary by introducing new words. Since children are learning a new language it is important to move from the known to the unknown. 

When teaching English to students who have very little or no exposure to the language, it is important to hook the language to concepts they already know. Otherwise, children will have to learn new concepts as well as a new language.

For this reason, the introduction of new words will follow the EVS curriculum of grade 1 where children already have a mental picture of the word being taught. It is therefore important that the topic is introduced parallel to or after the concept is covered in the EVS class.

The presentation lesson has 4 parts

  • A primary concept 
  • An associated concept 
  • A grammar concept 
  • Review

The primary concept that can include names of parts of the body, English names for family members such as mother and father or names of primary colours 

The associated concept follows the primary concept such as names of family members, objects of a particular colour (green leaf red rose)  or actions performed by parts of the body 

The grammar concept includes singular and plural (leg-legs, tooth-teeth ) this is - these are, use of the apostrophe ‘s’, pronouns such as ‘he’, she’ and use of possessive pronouns such as ‘my, our, your, his, her, its, and their

Review of presentation

  • Every presentation has an evaluation session where children’s understanding is tested. The puppet Meena is introduced to make the testing non-threatening.
  • It is important for the teacher to keep a note of the children who do not seem to understand or remember the words.
  • In this case, the teacher has to pay special attention to these children when she continues with the class the next day.
  • Once the presentation is made there have to be constant reinforcing sessions with the concepts.

You may ask" What are the TLMs used here?" 

Different TLMs are used to teach the 3 concepts

  • The main concept revises the concept taught in EVS. This is done using charts. 
  • Associated concepts are taught using flashcards. 
  • Grammar concepts are taught using the grammar card

Seating arrangement 

Students sit in a semicircle so that the charts and the teacher’s face is visible to all the children. Ensure that the younger children sit in front. Very often older children dominate a class -and this will happen increasingly in later years.

The puppet Meena (evaluation)

Every presentation has an evaluation session where children’s understanding is tested. The puppet Meena is introduced to make the testing non-threatening. In this milestone, we will be using a game and grammar card for reviewing student’s understanding.

Steps of Concept Presentation

Let us look at how concept presentation is done stepwise. These steps are taught over four weeks. The schedule and sequence in which concepts are to be presented are given clearly in the teacher card. The teacher is expected to follow the guidelines given in the teacher card.

Step 1: 

Introduction to the topic

when a new topic is introduced it is important to explain the content that will be covered. Ask children to describe what is in the chart and label what they see in the mother tongue and follow it by labelling it in English.  Every class should include a revision of what has been taught in the earlier class.

Step 2: 

Explaining the vocabulary and grammar

Introduction of the concept with the use of the chart by asking children to describe what is in the chart and allowing children to label objects in the mother tongue followed by labelling it in English. 
For example: Pointing to the various parts of the body in the chart and asking students to name them, first in the mother tongue and then in English. 

Step 3, 4 and 5: The grammar card is used to reinforce various grammar concepts such as singular and plural, use of this and these etc. Here at each step, a new grammar concept is introduced.

Step 6&7: Games are introduced into the presentation to help reinforce the concept.

Watch these videos to understand the process of how it can be carried out in real practice

How do I manage the class when students of class 2 have to be included in the activity? 

In year 2 the teacher will have children at 2 levels. As this is a whole class activity, students of level 2 continue to sit in the same semicircle as students of Level 1.  Most children in level 2 will remember most of the basic vocabulary and grammar taught in level 1 especially if it has been reinforced over the year. 

The first part of the lesson with level 1 will serve as a revision for the level 2 students and is common for both levels. 

After 20 minutes of the class, get level 2 children in front and introduce the new concepts. The concepts taught for level 2 students are greater in detail, so children of level 1 will also listen to what is being taught and learn the concepts taught to older students.  The process of instruction remains the same as level 1.

A brief summary

  • Concept presentations improve children’s vocabulary through the introduction of new words.
  • The presentation lesson has 3  parts a primary concept, An associated concept and a grammar concept 
  • The presentation process has 5 main steps
Step 1: Introduction to the topic 
Step 2: Explaining the vocabulary and grammar 
Step 3: Use of grammar card is to reinforce grammar concepts 
Step 4: Playing games to reinforce the concept
Step 5: Conducting a review using Meena the Puppet

Download the module: Presentation of Concepts

Credits: Samagra Shikshana Karnataka and UNICEF


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